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We are engaged in importing and supplying :
  • Veterinary drugs and equipments – different types of Antibiotic, Antithelementic, Multivitamins, Acaricides etc.
  • Dairy equipment - milk processing equipment all kind of milk cans, milk testing equipment, cream separators, electronic milk analyzer and milking machines.
  • Poultry equipments – Incubator, Drinker (waterer), Feederer, Automatic vaccination syringe, Transport crate , etc.
  • Bee equipments – Bee Tools, honey extractors, honey pressers, Bee veils, wax printers, honey containers, wax, etc.
  • Artificial insemination equipments- A.I Sheath ,A.I Gun ,gloves ,aprons ,Liquid nitrogen containers of diff. sizes, etc
  • Animal feeds, vitamins, minerals premixes and additives etc.
  • Laboratory chemicals and reagents.


Our Services

Service #1
Veterinary drugs and equipment
Service #2
Dairy equipment
Service #3
Poultry equipment
Service #4
Bee equipment
Service #5
Artificial insemination equipment
Service #6
Laboratory equipment, chemicals and reagents
Our products are preferred by professionals and clinical field practitioner because, we are working with our clients based on consultation and knowledge sharing.

Agro-vet plc.