We import and supply


Veterinary drugs and equipment

Different types of Antibiotic, Antithelementic, Multivitamins, Acaricides etc.

Dairy equipment

Milk processing equipment, all kind of milk cans, milk testing equipment, cream separators, electronic milk analyzer and milking machines. We have a range of electric cream separators that are fabricated from high-grade stainless steel and other materials. Designed using advanced techniques; these separate the milk cream from milk carefully and speedily. Our cream separators are resistant to corrosion and rust, thus ensuring that milk is not contaminated.
We offer different milk cans that are available in various storage capacities. These are provided with a full brazed bottom ring that ensures abrasion resistance and long life. Light in weight and easily portable, these are strictly checked as per the best specifications.We have lacto scan equipment used to make quick analyses of fat, non-fat solids (SNF), proteins, lactose and water content percentages, temperature (OС), freezing point, salts, highly durable and require very little maintenance.Our materials are user friendly-simple in operation, maintenance, installation and calibration, portable and compact design.

Poultry equipment

Incubator, Drinker (waterer), Feederer, Automatic vaccination syringe, Transport crate, etc.

Bee equipment

Bee Tools, honey extractors, honey pressers, Bee veils, wax printers, honey containers, wax, etc.

Artificial insemination equipment

A.I Sheath, A.I Gun, gloves, aprons, Liquid nitrogen containers of diff. sizes, etc.
We have liquid nitrogen containers designed for storing biological samples in vials, especially suitable for the fields of medical treatment and biological science and research. They feature in storing large capacity of biological samples and low liquid nitrogen consumption and required for storage of semen straws.

Animal feeds

Today, the nutritional needs of animals are coming to be well understood and may be satisfied through natural forage and fodder alone, or augmented by direct supplementation of nutrients in concentrated, controlled form. The nutritional quality of feed is influenced not only by the nutrient content, but also by many other factors such as feed presentation, nutritional hygiene.
Here we are to supply all kinds of animal feeds such as vitamins, minerals premixes and additives etc. with high quality.

Laboratory equipment, chemicals and reagents